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We know that to get real results your business needs an advertising plan that is tailored to your business needs and goals.

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Our on boarding process is designed to  get you the results you need by utilizing our many cross-platform advertising solutions to benefit your business!

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You'll meet with one of our Advertising Consultants to discuss your unique needs and goals

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Our experienced team will put the plan in to action, getting the word out and bringing you more customers and more sales!

  • Exclusive products
  • Full transparency of results and analytics 
  • Lead generation, with information sent straight to your inbox 
  • The #1 ranking website in the city
  • Direct access to 20,000 residents by SMS, WhatsApp and Email 
  • Completely bi-lingual 
  • The ONLY advertising that reaches all homes in every section of Beit Shemesh 

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Make sure your business can be found and seen by your customers no matter where they are!

With over 50% of the population in Beit Shemesh using various devices to access information,  in addition to print advertising, we supply you a substantial digital presence across multiple platforms.

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We ran a digital campaign with Shemesh Media. They were quick and efficient, easy to work with and within one week brought us over 200 leads to our Horaat Keva sign up page.
The results exceeded expectations, will happily use Shemesh Media again for advertising in the future.

- Kupa Shel Tzedaka, RBS A

פירחה, אין לי מילים להודות על העבודה המצויינת שעשיתם. החשיפה, הפרוספקט והפירסום הכל היה מושלם! והעזרה שלך בפועל היתה במקום ובזמן באצילות ובאכפתיות. יישר כח גדול!

חני, נתיבות דעת

After your post today re the art competition l received lots of queries. Thank you 

- Sharon Rhodes

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