Take this time and unique opportunity to work on the most important relationship of your life
with this self-paced set of videos you can watch at any time in the privacy of your home.
It provides interactive exercises for you and your partner to better your communication and your relationship.
ePREP is based on PREP, a worldwide acclaimed relationship curriculum.
Together in Happiness is the exclusive partner for bringing ePREP to Israel.
Due to the Corona crisis, Together in Happiness is sponsoring ePREP for FREE to engaged or newlywed couples!*
*limited time offer. Engaged or newlywed couples (up to one year) living in Israel
Invest in the most important relationship of your life
The course is self-paced and can be done at any time in the privacy of your home. It provides interactive exercises for you and your partner to better your communication and your relationship.
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Couples who register for the course can join the exclusive Together in Happiness community on Whatsapp. The group is run by marriage educator Susan Barth and is a forum for advice and questions. 
The ePREP course is based on 30 years of research in relationship health and is a fully narrated online course you do alone and with your spouse

What does the ePREP Course include?
Practical tools to transform your relationship 
Demostrations of good practices and techniques
Real life examples, resolutions and applicable advice
Hear what couples have to say about ePREP:

Thank you!
We have already put in place the speaker-listener technique and we have found if enlightening and helpful.Most importantly, it helps with all the necessity for a good marriage. Your dedication and great attitude to this work is for the sake of all Am Yistael is an inspiration. Kol Tuv! 

Daniel & Julia Fleisch
In this course you will learn:
1. How to listen to one another, using the proven speaker-listener technique
2. The escalation danger signs and best ways to avoid conflict
3. Scientifically proven problem-solving techniques
4. How to engage positively
5. How to nurture and sustain a loving relationship
Another couple speaks about ePREP

ePREP gave me excellent tools to use to maintain healthy communication with my husband. I learned two very important things. the first is that it takes 20 positive statements to balance out one negative. I try to keep this in mind with all people in my life, but most of all with my husband The second thing I learned was the importance of talking when you're calm and not in the heat of the moment. 

V & M

Proven effectiveness in enhancing marital satisfaction by improving couples' communication with end result of a happy relationship!


Susan Barth is one of the founders of  Together in Happiness, a non-profit organization whose goal is to advance marriage education in Israel.

Why is Marriage Education so important?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Did you follow your dream and take the courses and training to achieve your goal? If so, it was because you knew that this was something that required learning and expertise, classes and practice.

Reality and studies show that a successful marriage does not just happen automatically. It actually requires specific skills and principles that can be learned
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