Marriage Education & Prenuptial Agreements 
February 9, 2021
 @ 8:00 PM IDT
Calling all Rabbis, Rabbaniot, Kallah and Chatan teachers, parents and grandparents, newly and nearlyweds couples!
LIMITED SPACE - Grab your seat now 
The event will be in English
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Susan Barth

After making Aliyah in 2003 and following the death of her parents, Susan Barth searched for a way to memorialize them. Inspired by the strength of their 52-year long marriage, she works to motivate couples to sustain healthy, fulfilling marriages thru marriage education as a meaningful way to perpetuate their names.

She soon founded Together in Happiness, a non-profit organization whose goal is to advance marriage education in Israel. Susan is a premier marriage educator, teaching the principles of I-PREP (based on the PREP method) authenticated by over 30 years of research in the field of marital health and successShe authored The Case for Marriage Education.

Susan co-hosted, with MK Yehudah Glick, an historic Knesset seminar promoting government support for pre-marriage education. 

Dr. Rachel Levmore

Dr. Rachel Levmore, To’enet Rabbanit - Rabbinical Court Advocate; Ph.D. in Jewish Law; Director of the Agunot and Get -Refusal Prevention Project, International Young Israel Movement in Israel & the Jewish Agency; A co-author of the successful Israeli prenuptial “Agreement for Mutual Respect" for the prevention of Get-Refusal (; The first female To’enet Rabbanit member of the Israel Commission for the Appointment of Rabbinical Court Judges.